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Laser Skin rejuvenation Facial

from £40

Pigmentation Removal 


3 areas Skin Tag removal 

Single Skin tag removal 

 3 x Fungal Nail removal 


 Fungal Nail removal 

 3 x Thread vein removal 


 Skin rejuvenation thread vein removal 

 Skin rejuvenating Facial 

Beauty facials

from £50

 Vitage Co2 facial 

 Rejuvapen Micro needling Facial 

 Priori Forte Medical Facial Peel 

Omnilux Blue Light therapy facial acne skins


Diamond Microdermabrasion facial

 Omnilux Revive facial: Light therapy

Vitage Prescription Advanced Antioxidant



Laser Tattoo Removal

from £40

Extra large size removal treatment 


6 x Large size removal treatment

6 x Medium size removal treatment 

6 x Small size removal treatment 

Extra Large size removal single treatment

Large Size removal single treatment


Medium size removal single treatment

Small Area removal single treatment

Chemical Peels

from £40

AlumierMD Vitamin A Boost


AlumierMD Bright Eyes Treatment 


AlumerMD Glow Peel

 AlumierMD Luxury Facial 

AlumierMD Detox Facial (Excellent for Acne)

 AlumierMD Refining Clay facial


 AlumierMD Enzyme re-texturising facial


AlumierMD Radiant 30

AlumierMD Radiant 20

Laser Hair Removal

from £50

Full Face

 Top Lip

Jawline, Chin, Neck

Feet & toes

Hands & Fingers


Chest, Nipples, 

Hollywood Including Peri anal

Bikini, Hollywood

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