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Welcome to Our Membership

Struggling to come up with the money for treatments? 
From as little as £19.99 per month you can save towards any treatment today!

Get Free Treatments*

As a massive thank you for referring your friends and family, we want to give you free treatments. 

In your Ultim8SKN wallet you have a gift link that you can 'copy' & 'paste' and send in a text or Whatsapp. When the link is activated with a booking you instantly get £25 added to your Ultim8SKN wallet.

Look at it this way...

1 friend books = £25 off your next treatment

2 friends book = £50 off your next treatment

3 friends book = £75 off your next treatment

4 friends book = £125 book Lip Flip*

The more friends who use your unique code to book an appointment, the less you pay for your favourite treatments

  • Model Club

    Must Consent to Photography for Marketing
    Free Plan
    • Earn £25* for every referral that books
    • Exclusive Model Rates*
    • Priority Booking
  • Best Value

    Members Club

    Every month
    • Save £19.99 to spend in clinic*
    • Exclusive members rates
    • Earn £25* for every referral that books*
    • Priority Booking
Book a Bestie and Get a Free Treatment*

All clients become instant members of our model club, giving you full access to our exclusive discounts and monthly offers. As a member of the model club you will receive £25 for any bestie that books and appointment with us and they will also get £25. The maximum you can refer is up to 5 friends within a 30 day period, this means the maximum we can offer towards your account is £125.00. 

For more information please contact the Ultim8SKN team and we will be happy to discuss it further 07380 815 367 or via email

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